Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Lego Birthday Cake

       Hello again, yesterday I was telling you about our little man's birthday cake. Well because I had neglected to have my phone charged I could not show you the pictures of the cake and our little man at his party with his dudes last Friday. I am a proud Momma and Granny so I have to share with everybody.Last Thursday night Thumper asked if I wanted to come and play, and of course I did, I got to help put Lego man together,and she finished him Friday morning with the fondant. Oh how I like to play with my girls.
     Mr. Lego man started of with a rice treat body supported with wooded skewers and toothpicks. Thumper let him sit over night and then covered him with fondant. Her Lego blocks were made from cake and marshmallows. The t-shirts you see in the foreground were a project that Thumper thought the boys would enjoy doing.Oh yeah took them all of five minutes and then they were on the run again.There are times when I wished God had blessed us with sons and then there are times, like birthday parties for six year old boys, I am glad and thankful he did not. They are cute and wonderful but I am not up to the noise anymore.  I do love little boys! I just like little girl parties better!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

      Here is hoping you are all having a happy valentine's day! Wow, hard to believe we are half way through another month of 2012. Yesterday was our youngest grandson's sixth birthday, he is growing up so fast and has went from everything having to be John Deere green or he would not wear it, to liking other colours, plus the only toys worth while being farm related to Lego Lego Lego, and he got lots of Lego for his birthday. He was one very happy young man. His Momma even made him a Lego man cake surrounded by cake made to look like Lego.
    I have brought up the trays for starting my plants from the green house today, stopped and thought how nice it was in there and for a minute thought of reorganising it, I decided it could wait until we are calving and I am waiting for some cow to do her thing. So now they are  soaking in a javex solution before I plant them up, hoping it is not the wrong time of the moon, but oh well I'm in the mood so I will get some going today. I am going to try some yellow tomatoes this year, as Fuzzy had trouble with the acid last fall( might not have been that he ate about 6 or 7 everyday last fall) these are to be low acid so we will see if they help or if he even likes them. I also found a purple pepper that I am going to try, they are supposed to turn red when they are ripe, always fun to try something new.
   I am continuing to declutter, but have to take time outs as it is against my usual method of keeping most stuff as I may need it for something or someone else in the circle might need it, and usually after I have made the ultimate sacrifice of getting rid of something, I needed it.
   I would like to thank the people who have been sharing their comments with me it is nice to know someone out there is reading this, if you have any helpful suggestions or ideas, critics are always welcome. I am enjoying reading other blogs and looking forward to reading more, nice to see how others lives are going, and their projects.
   I hope you all have a wonderful week and a great weekend. Take care and God bless!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Thirty One Years, And They Said It Would Not Last, Just Stars In Her Eyes

   I meant Fuzzy for the first time when I was seventeen, it was in a wash rack at the fall provincial livestock show. Nice guy but I was more into cattle and horses,and rodeo at the time, and I was jail bait in his eyes. One year and a half of another one, the story changed somewhat and we started hanging around together when we saw each other at the cattle shows. Things got a little more serious when he came up north for my 19th birthday at the end of May, and the following February 7th, we got married.
   It was a cold but sunny Saturday up home, busy day as the wedding did not take place until 7:00pm friends and family were stopping in and last minute things to do the day flew by and it was time to go to the church. Now my Dad was having a little trouble that day I am not sure why but he just was not himself to the point he did not even warm the car to make the drive to the church. So there was one very cold bride by the time we got to the church,and my Mom had always told my sister and I that if we got the cold shivers running down are backs when we walked down the isle to turn and run not look back. Well Lordy how could you tell when you were already and ice cube from the car ride there.
    The church was  aglow with candle light, so beautiful. Two of the bridesmaids were a little nervous as was I so in my mind, humour was the only way to handle the situation, made a joke wondering which one of them would be the first to trip down the isle, which eased our tension until my sister told us to behave, it was a time to be serious. they headed  down the isle and then it was Dad and my turn, everyone rose and began to stare at my feet,yes I was wearing my Tony Lamas(I have worn western boots most of my life) and thanks to one of my aunts they were manure free. My brother in law had said he would give me a hundred dollars if I would do it, had already planned on it, so was the easiest money I ever made. Fuzzy was there waiting on me ( thank goodness)I could focus on him to get down that isle. As he took my hand and I went to step toward to the Reverend, Dad stepped on my train, nothing ripped but in my mind I thought it was going to, me being me I wheeled around and there were a few who thought I might deck my Dad, the thought had slightly crossed my mind but I did my usual, DAD  as quietly as I could, and realised Mom was right when she was creating my beautiful dress that I maybe should not have a 5 ft. train when I was only that tall myself,Dad might trip on it, no Mom he won't do that! ( Moms are almost always right) The ceremony was beautiful and I was married to my best friend and the future was ours.
 After the church we went back to the house for pictures and then to the hall for a night of speeches,toasts, food, dancing, laughter and  much celebration.
 That was thirty one years ago,we have had good times and bad, drought,flooding  and numerous other things but there is no one I would have gone through it all with but Fuzzy. He holds me up when I have not much left, he teases me until I laugh and straightens me out when I do something stupid but I always know he loves me and he will always be at my side. We have been blessed with two wonderful  daughters, one amazing son in law, and three special grandchildren,and Boo's boyfriend , Life is good! Here is to the next 31 years hope we make it and that I still have a few stars still left in my eyes.
  Love You Fuzzy My Friend!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

      Wow its melting, beautiful night out just came in from  the porch swing and a cup of tea,amazing weather.
       Tomorrow we are bringing the main cow herd home from the other yard,it is a month later than last year as the weather has be so kind to the cows and the feed. We keep the main herd over there as a form of manure management,and bring them home now to get them ready for calving,which will start the beginning of March. Last year bringing them home was a piece of cake,as all four miles of road we bring them down had snowbanks  on either side of the road, now these girls are usually looking for a short cut but no one even tried,kinda took the fun out of it but it was a smooth trip all the way.This year it may be a different story, barely any snow, you just know somebody is going to make a brake for it. The weather man is calling for a good day so it will be great no matter what the girls try.
    Thumper and her husband have calved out about twenty girls and have had three sets of twins. The grandchildren are having fun naming all of them, the boys get to name the bull calves and our princess names the heifer calves, by the time Momma and Daddy are done I imagine they will have run out of names.Thumper and Hubby are just getting started.
   This weekend is the Lieutenant Governor's Winter Fest, in the big city, and we are planning on going,yeah! There are pavilions all over town from the different countries,Fuzzy has been telling everyone he is taking me on a trip around the world in two days for our winter holiday! Last year we did the British Isles and this year we will try for many more, but I really have to go back to Scotland and Ireland had a blast last year!
     I said I would share more of my fascinators so I'll put some more up now, after Sunday I can store them away, we are having a special service in honour of the Queen accession to the throne which took place sixty years ago on Monday. The official celebrations do not take place until June but the Vicar wants to have the service now on the anniversary of the death of King George The VI and the accession to the throne of his daughter. We will wear our head wear to church that day, Her Majesty won't be there so we can wear fascinators, apparently you are not to wear fascinators in the Queen's presence any longer.
   So here we go, on with the show!Oh and please let me know what you think!